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17andbaking is one of my favorite go to blogs. Check it out and browse around. Of course, she may have started baking at 14, but now, she has a grapple on baking and experimenting with various recipes. She has been featured in numerous magazines and has tested various recipes ( I wish I had that kind of courage. She even has a wish list that can be viewed here: I wish I had a wish list, but I’m pretty sure I have already baked or cooked everything that I am interested in–for now anyways. Although, I’m still working on mastering Macarons and Bread baking from scratch.


Of course I have to promote this blog; the reason being, that the person that owns this blog is a student at my alma mater. However, I really am a huge fan of this blog. If you want to release your inner foodie, then this blog is certainly the place to start. Find cheap places to eat in Boston on a college students budget.


The above actually is not even a food blog. The site was created by a friend of mine, and of course I want to help them out in any way possible, so please, check them out.


The above is also not a food blog, but a website designed by a writer friend of mine, working on breaking out into the film industry, so again, I am hoping to help her out. Check out her website, I think you will like what you see, and let me know what you think.


Another site that I am trying to help out. A friend of mine is a managing editor, so naturally, how can I say no?

6. Penne a la Betsy






12. What Kate Baked

13. Making Cakes and Bakes

14. The Pink Whisk

15. Not Without Salt

16. Fifty-Two Cakes

17. Bakery Bits



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