Drunken Noodles “My Virgin” Version

022 021

So, I decided to make my own version of drunken noodles; the nice and quick version. I have this unrealistic addiction and obsession with the Thai dish.

020 019


1)Rice noodles

2) Kale

3) Shrimp

4) Cherry tomatoes

5) Soy sauce

6) Garlic Terriayki sauce

7) Onions

8) 4-6 cloves of garlic, minced

9) Salt & Pepper to taste

10) 4 tbsp. of butter

018 017


1) Empty packet of noodles into a large bowl

2) Boil kettle of hot water on the stove

3) Pour boiling water over noodles and let sit for 25-30 minutes

016 015

4) Meanwhile, mince garlic cloves and onions

5) Slice tomatoes and chop kale thinly

6) Devein shrimp

014 013

7) Pour butter in frying pan

8) Add minced garlic until it starts to brown slightly and then toss in onions

9) Add the shrimp and cook and mix until shrimp turns pink in color

10) Toss in kale and tomatoes and mix, coating in garlic, onion and butter mixture

11) Pour in liberally, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce

012 011

12) Drain the water from noodles

13) Toss in noodles, into the shrimp and vegetable mixture

14) Coat noodles evenly

15) Serve over rice



Preparation time: 20-40 minutes

Cooking time: 15-20 minutes


2 thoughts on “Drunken Noodles “My Virgin” Version

  1. The thing about making it vegan, just omit and make to your liking. I would add more veggies. Omit the meat and you should be good to go.

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