Blue layer cake


Cake for our nephew

A blue layer cake with cream.

Its been 9 days ago that we welcomed a new family member, our nephew! For the first time we are aunties to a handsome little boy. We are so HAPPY! To celebrate we made a blue 5-layer cake and between the layers vanilla cream.

We’ve never made a cake like this before, it took us almost a whole day to bake and decorate. So after we finished we were a little bit nervous. How will it look like if we cut the cake?  We didn’t expected it, but lucky it turned out beautifully and yummie! Just the colors went a little bit greenish /turquoise :s, but its okay cause we love pastel colors haha. Our family loved it too…pheww. It was such a fun baking this layer cake, we really enjoyed it.

Below you can see some pictures.

Batter for cake

cake with vanilla cream

Cake covered with fondant

Sliced cake

our sweet lil nephew

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