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Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite holiday, right behind Christmas. I love the days when I get to sit around baking and cooking up a storm for my family and friends. I really went all out in November of 2013 to cook something I was sure my family would enjoy. 

Since then, I haven’t really had as much time as I would have hoped to cook and bake. I need to start spending time on things that really matter to me and not wasting another decade; after all, I could be dead tomorrow. Yeah, that’s not really a pleasant thought, but it is some food for thought. If I found out that I only had six months left to live, how would I live my life differently? 

I hope this is not too depressing of a blog for anyone to read right now. I am just in that state of mind at the moment, but hopefully, I can kick it, like any bad habit. Things often have a way of looking up, even when you are stuck. 

Maybe I should consider self-publishing, even though self-publishing is not the most profitable thing in the world, and I am almost convinced that self publishing is for people who cannot get their work read the normal way. 


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