Fried Oreos

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Have you ever had fried oreo’s? I have. It seems like they fry everything these days. Now I can mark off my check list, fried pickles and fried oreos. But would you believe that they also have fried twinkies and snickers? I’m all for snickers bars, but I’m not entirely sure how I fee about eating them fried.

As for these fried oreo’s, I bought them at a market in NYC. I kept hearing rave reviews about them. So, what can I tell you? SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!! Although, it’s possible that I may be slightly biased. Back in elementary school, I ate three packs of oreo’s a day for lunch. I even made a habit of eating oreo’s with peanut butter after becoming the leader of the cult following of the film The Parent Trap. 

One thing is for sure; I have tried it, but I will never eat them again.


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