Full-Time Job and Hard work and Food?

Hey guys!! Sorry that it has been a long, long time since I have posted anything. It is cray cray how busy I’ve been. It seems that I can’t keep my life in order.

I’ve been slacking on the food that I have been cooking, as well as keeping this blog up to date. Of course, I have some free time now, so that is why I am writing.

Would you believe it? I was finally offered two full-time jobs. The hardest decision that I have ever had to make was choosing between the two jobs. Now, I’ll keep the names confidential. But one job was in Boston, while the other was in CT.

It does feel good to know that I am not a failure, and that somebody (actually, 2 people) want to employee me. I am finally seeing the results of hard work. Mark you, I could still work harder. But how hard is too hard?

Everything in my life is about to get real. First full-time job and foray into the work force (for real for real); first time living on my own (without roommates); first time being a truly single gal. I can’t be more excited.

photo (89)


But, although I might not have had the time to cook like I used to, I was certainly picking out.

On a last note: maybe good things really do come to those who wait!!


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