My Macaron Attempt-#4

022 021

I must have attempted to make these delicate French pastries at least 4 times. I have failed the majority of times, and came close once; well, now, if you count some of these in the above pictures–make that twice. What you are looking at is my attempt to make rose macarons. Rose Macarons have always been my favorite. But, Macarons, not exactly easy to make. If the temperature is humid, if the technique is off, they will fall apart, and some of the shells might start cracking. It is truly a skill.

020 019

Can you imagine how long it took the French to master the art of baking Macarons. But, I’m young yet, and have the rest of my life to learn how to make these wonderful, delicate, soft and chewy treats. I’m not ready to give up just yet.

018 017 016 015


Of course you can see that some of my “so-called treats” got burnt. That does not make me happy. I will, however, have to say that the best part of the entire French cookie was the rose flavored ganache in the center. I did forget, however, how sweet rose ganache and rose butter cream can be.


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