Spoon Bread

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Well, I just found out that I will need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. The date is scheduled for next week Wednesday, July 3rd. My goodness, can you believe next week is July 3rd? What’s more than that? I can’t believe that my birthday is exactly one month from today.

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Well, with my wisdom teeth being pulled and all, I only have a few days left to eat real food, before I have to subject to pudding, jello, apple sauce, and soups. I need to get prepared for that.


This recipe is courtesy of a colonial cookbook of mine. I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already, and the spoon bread did not take long to cook.

The primary ingredients included: milk, cornmeal, salt, sugar, butter, water, eggs and baking powder. You can’t forget the baking powder. I was a little on edge when I placed the batter into the oven to bake. I was unsure of how it would come out. But, of course, as you can see, it came out lovely. To perfection I might add, with its golden coloring on top. I’m not a fan of cornmeal or corn bread or corn muffins, but this spoon bread, was not half bad.



And here is some food for thought. I just learned of a spoonbread festival that takes place annually in Kentucky. Check out last years link here: http://spoonbreadfestival.com/


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