Toast and Essentially Scambled Eggs



Good morning friends!! Or should I say top of the morning to ya? Today promises to be a long and busy day. Anyways, the other day, I made some toast and some scambled eggs with sea salt and black pepper. I swear by sea salt. In fact, I am telling you that once you open yourself up to the world of sea salt, you will never go back to idonized salt. It just isn’t the same.



I topped off my whole grain toast (yes, because whole grain is good for you) with a rhubarb preserve.



Meanwhile, I am making spaghetti for breakfast w/ vodka sauce (little known fact: I LOVE vodka sauce). And, I just marinated, for lack of better words, a lamb. I plan on roasting a lamb later. I spread olive oil all over it, and then generously topped it off with sea salt, black pepper and minced garlic. I recently learned how to mince things (compliments of my father) and my mincing techniques are quickly improving. (At least I like to think they are quickly improving).


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