Saigon 48 (NYC)

photo (86) photo (87)

A mix of delicious food. The duck in the picture (that is drenched in sauce and surrounded by Bok Choy, that was my most recent dinner on a recent trip to NYC. The meal was from a place where I am a regular, Saigon 48.  It’s a day later and I can still taste the moistness of the duck. I can still picture the way the meat slid right off the bone. I can still taste the mild spiciness.

photo (88) photo (77)

Ordering that duck was the first time I strayed from my regular meal at Saigon 48. Normally I get the shrimp-mango. But, let me tell you, I was not disappointed with the change. I think I finally have a new menu favorite. And, guess what! Since I ordered it for lunch, it was only 7.95. So college kids, don’t hesitate. You know if you are paying a visit to New York or live there, this is a place that is worth checking out.

photo (76) photo (78)


On the other hand, the other meat pictured, with the sauce and the raw vegetables, that was my mothers meal. She loved it. And I have had some of her pork chops, and even I can vouch for their deliciousness. They are cooked well, and are nice and tender.


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