Rack of Lamb



So, great news!! I finally learned how to work a lighter. How sad is that? I’m old-fashioned. It took me quite a few years to get over my fear of fire and start working with matches. That’s right, I, Catherine Rose, used matches. All you have to do is swipe them, and so I did.

But the science behind working a lighter, just did not make sense to me, until now.

In an unrelated note, it finally stopped raining here in my area of New England. Rain depresses me, and I thought it was never going to stop. For a moment in time, I thought we were in London. The only difference being, rain is a bit more sporadic in the UK.

It’s nice to see the sun out again. I almost forgot what it looked like.



As you can clearly see, the other day, I decided to make Rack of Lamb. What do I make of that? Well, for one thing, I could never be on MasterChef. Chef Ramsey would have a field day with me. I followed the instructions down to a T, and the lamb looked nice and golden and cooked on the outside. But when I sliced through it, it was still all bloody on the inside.



So, naturally, I sliced the rack of lamb and placed it back in the oven. And again, it still came out bloody. So, this time, three’s a charm, I tried again. Only, I left to do something else (bad mistake) and when I returned, the lamb was done, but, rather overdone. It was more cooked than it should have been. It is a lot more challenging to cook a rack of lamb than I would have thought.



The best part of this is, that it was all a learning experience, and I can try again.



I’d provide a recipe, but often times, the plastic that the lamb comes in has recipe suggestions on the back. Modifications are all up to you.



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