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Not too long ago, I decided to go to the H.Y.P.E. (Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs) Spring Fling event at the Riverfront Boathouse. It sounded like a good idea at the time. However, it did not compare to the previous HYPE event that took place at the CT Convention Center. The CT Convention Center is a lovely place for events. And the food was absolutely wonderful. I remember having chicken teriyaki, lobster and pea salad, fried wontons and fried mac and cheese balls. The food was just phenomenal, and the mood and overall environment deserved an A+.

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However, this more recent HYPE event, well, I will say that I was kind of disappointed. The food let me down. It was primarily cheese and crackers. The highlight of the event was shrimp cocktail and quesadillas. I could make and cater better food that what was presented at this event. The event was catered by Ascot Catering. I checked out the menu online for Ascot, and was really hoping that the food served at the event was a reflection of Ascot. It was a let down. Check out their website, and then browse my pictures, and you will certainly see what I mean.

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I hate going to these HYPE events were I am constantly reminded that I do not have a full-time job. People are always asking what it is I do. It’s not that I don’t work my ass off. I can’t control my damn situation. I went to a liberal arts school  to study communication. I did not go to Yale or any other school to study engineering or to become a nurse. I love reading, writing, traveling, cooking, acting and figure-skating. I am and have always been an artistic person, and I do not think that I would ever be able to sacrifice my own happiness for a job. You know what they say:

1. If you find something you love to do, you will never work a day in your life

2. Carpe diem (seize the day)

You know, I can’t even go to my alma matters alumni weekend in June because I am ashamed for lack of being able to secure full-time work. I hate being on Facebook and LinkedIn were I can see everybody getting married or getting a new job, and all I am doing is nothing with my time. I am working a minimum wage dead-end job and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. I worked way too hard to find myself in limbo. It’s not fair, but then again, life is not fair. It sucks–it really does. I have done everything I can, and now it’s out of my control. I feel powerless. What I need is a miracle, or maybe to interview with a person of color. No doubt that might actually help.

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One person that I met at HYPE had the nerve to ask questions such as:

1. Why don’t you start a blog? (as if I am not already doing that)

2. Are you still living at home with your parents?

How can he not see that there is anything wrong in asking those types of questions? Trust me, if I had a choice, if I could afford it, I would not be living at home with my parents–but we do not always have control over our own circumstances.   Not to mention, where is that any of your concern if I’m still living with the rentals. I am taking every minimum wage job and experience that I can just to get by. In this day and age, no job is secure. I really wanted to shake him awake and smack him across the face and be like, “dude, are you really that oblivious? Do you read the paper? Do you not know what is going on with the economy and how it has failed to rebound. The only jobs that are being created are in sales, retail and customer service. And with machines being created at a rapid rate, pretty soon, machines will replace humans when it comes to work.” It’s sad to know that a day like that is right around the corner. It will approach us sooner than we think.


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