Tea Time

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If you are anything like me, you are partial to tea. I, am a huge fan of high tea in London. I will crawl to the ends of the Earth to find some of the best places that I know about. Of course, I don’t discover all of these places. Some of them I learn about on the grapevine.

If you are interested in high tea, check out the Windsor Tea Shop for recipes and tips, or visit the Windsor Tea Room.

I have not actually been to Cafe Royale, but I have heard about it, and it is one of my places to check out. It is located right on Newbury Street in Boston, MA. Perhaps during my next trip to Boston, I will visit this tea shop for scones and assorted finger sandwiches. Yumm. Check out the menu. You can even get a Queen Victoria package.

Also recommended is visiting The English Tea Room. During tea time, you will find an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours, not to mention tea. One of my favorite flavors of tea is rose.

Honestly, I am one of the few people you will ever meet that could do tea time every day. I’m like the Londoners, not a New Yorker. I want to enjoy life, not rush through it.

While none of the above places are located in CT, I am hoping that soon, I will find my perfect quaint little tea spot in my hometown. Here’s to tea!!


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