Nutella Crepe Cake (Perfect for Memorial Day)

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Nutella Crepe Cake

nutella crepe cake 2

Crepes can be tough—especially when they’re supposed to be flat, thin, and perfect, like you might suspect they should be for this cake.  But I don’t subscribe to the myth of perfection.  The more awkwardly shaped your crepes, the more delicious the cake.  No one’s going to be measuring your crepes or figuring out if they’re all perfectly alike.  They’ll be too distracted by the fluffy Nutella cream filling to care. Honest truth, just for a moment: if you’re bad at omelets, you’re going to be bad at crepes for a little while. Your first few will end up folded over, under-cooked, and just plain messy—at least, mine did.  But again, it doesn’t matter.  Blaze your own pastry path, stack up your crepes, and dare anyone to question your culinary magic.

Approximate prep time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Cuts into about 16 thin slices of cake



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