Hampton Seafood Festival


I have never been to this festival. I plan on making 2013 the year of the festivals, and what a great way to start and place to be. I have never been to New Hampshire, so why not make my first stop the Hampton Seafood Festival.

Now let me make something clear to you; I cannot even begin to explain in words how much I love seafood. I am quite partial to shellfish, especially lobster. I love oysters raw and on the half shell, just slurping them back as they slide down my throat with ease.

This festival will contain live entertainment, cooking demos, sky diving, and lots and lots of seafood for your eating pleasure, and is located right on Hampton Beach. A list of scheduled events will be posted to the site in September for any of you eager college kids in the area wanting something fun to do for the weekend.

To learn more about the Seafood Festival that I will be at in the fall, click here.


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