Make a $100,000 Burger for Way Less


I stumbled upon this article about the winner of the Build a Better Burger Contest, and the recipe was included. If you opt to try it, send me your picks, or at least let me know what your results were. I think I might even consider trying out this recipe for size.

I would love to create my own recipes somehow or create my own versions and adjustments of well known recipes, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. All the ideas I’ve ever come up with only sound good in theory.

Sometimes, for instance, when I watched Chopped and they gave random ingredients from the box that the competitors had to use, I wondered what I would make if given the opportunity and how I would work under all that pressure.

For the article on the $100,000 burger, click here. Please note, you can experiment and make it in your own home.


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