Salem and New England Soup

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The other day, I went to Salem with a girlfriend of mine. First and foremost, let me say that the weather was absolutely positively gorgeous. The sky was a clear crystal blue, and the sun beamed down over the waterfront.

She and I bought a combination ticket which allowed us to go into the Salem Witch Museum, the Witches Dungeon and the Pirate Museum. We also went into a wax monster museum, and even spent some time walking around the waterfront and shopping at various Salem shops such as Hex, Pamplemousse and Crow Haven. I’m pretty sure she and I got more done in that one trip than I got done on my previous two trips to Salem.

For lunch we ate at one of my favorite places: the Boston Hot Dog Company. These hot dogs are the greatest thing known to man kind; and my girl can second me on that. She had a taco hot dog, and I, well I had the Saturday Night Dog. Put simply, that hot dog was complete with baked beans, sautéed onions and bacon bits. YES!! My mouth is watering just talking about it. However, as good as the food is, sadly, especially in this economy, it’s tough to maintain a business (if you are not a huge organization or a product of corporate America). Please help support my friend and become a loyal customer of the Boston Hot Dog Company and help prevent the business from going under. Please, become a loyal fan of this company and see what makes his loyal customers mouths water and return over and over again.

For dinner we ate at, yes, another favorite of mine, the New England Soup Factory!!!!! The pictures shown above are of the tasty soups that I so willingly devoured. Of course, me, being the indecisive person that I am could not decide between the Clam Chowder and Corn soup, or the Sweet Corn Bisque. Ultimately, I ended up going with the sweet corn bisque. It just melted on my mouth as it slid down my esophagus. It was euphoric. I simply cannot get enough of the good stuff.

Let me put it this way, it was a day worth remembering.

Below is a sample menu of the New England Soup Factory:

soup of the day

Mix and match any soup with a sandwich, Garden Patch or Caesar salad, or Seasonable Side for a great Combo “Mate”!

  • +Triple Strength Chicken Vegetable
  • +Chili Con Carne
  • +Clam and Corn Chowder
    A Soup Factory classic and a mixed marriage too! Here two wonderfully New England and Yankee style chowders elope into wedded bliss.
  • +Lobster Newburg
  • +Spicy Shrimp and Rice
  • +Tomato Bacon and Cheddar
  • +Ultimate Tortilla Chili and Avocado Cheese Pie
  • +English Sweet Pea with Mint and Creme Fraiche (veg)
  • +Vegetable Barley
  • +Our Oriiginal Chunky Gazpacho (veg)
  • +Iced Hungarian Black Cherry
  • +Chilled Strawberry and Peach
  • +Chilled Ginger and Snap Pea
  • +Freshly Made Bolognese and Tomato Basil Sauces
  • +Quarts of Skinny Vegetable- No Fat Eat as Much as You Want!

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