Hey guys!! Here is my wishlist. What do I mean by wishlist? Why of course, things that I wish to one day bake/cook succcessfully. This can include things like: bread (which I’ve attempted to make 2 times so far. And both times, it came out hard as rock 😦 I have even attempted to make macarons (yes, the french delicacy desert a total of I believe, 4 times. And, I only came close once. How lame is that? Well, practice makes perfect. I am young, and I have a lot of time to practice. And then there was the time I attempted to make pizza. Can you spell FAILURE? But I blame that one on the oven–seriously.


Anyways, I will continue to post, regularly and add items to this wishlist as I see fit. Below are a few things to get me started:

1) Macarons

2) Pizza

3) Homemade bread

4) Beef bourguignon

5) Brie en croute

6) Baked Alaska


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