Mother’s Day Success


So, I cooked for my mother on mother’s day as I had mentioned. Let me just say, I was rather pleased with the results. See all of my pictures within. Although, I will not lie and say that it was smooth sailing. I encountered a few glitches along the way–with the first one being changing panna cotta recipes and my panna cotta not setting properly. I had to change plans the morning of mother’s day and make a deliciously creamy baked custard instead. My second glitch was when the shrimp, in my shrimp appetizer supreme took a little longer than it should to cook. I had planned for dinner to start at 6. Well, it started at 6:10. Not bad, right? The dinner did manage to go over smoothly after that. I will say my mother is pleased. And people who say the images think that I should open up my own catering business. I just might do that.


My mother likes her lamb medium-well. I like it well done and done in sea salt and black pepper.


035 034 033 032 031 030

Cooking lamb is a tricky process–especially the rack of lamb part.

029 028 027

This was delicious. You can never have to much shrimp (2 pounds baby–right here!!)

026 025 024 023 022 021 020 019 018


017 016 015 014 013

Do you have dreams of creamy bliss the way I do? Then baked custard is certainly for you.

012 011 010 009 008


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