Mother’s Day

Any great plans for mother’s day? I could spend my time writing and telling you all about all I have decided to do for my mother for mother’s day. But first, why? Why have I decided to make this mother’s day an unforgettable one? Well, besides the fact that I love her more than anyone in this world, and for all intensive purposes, she really is one of my best friends. She is kind and caring and puts everyone else first. She is the most selfless person I know.

I went to this place, Claypen (a paint your own pottery studio in my hometown) and made her some pottery. I also bought her a nice piece of jewelry and plan on making dinner for her. So what is on the menu?

My mother’s day menu: 



Shrimp Appetizer Supreme (courtesy of What’s Cooking America)


Asparagus with lemon butter sauce

Scalloped Potatoes



Panna Cotta

Of course, that might be my menu, but there are many other delicious recipes that you can make for your mother on mother’s day. How about these recipes from Positively Smitten:

The following also seems like it would make for an excellent mother’s day meal:

As a fan of London, I’d be lying if I said that this would not be a great menu: However, I can also say that the food network offers 50 tea time options for mothers day.

This beer and chicken recipe looks scrumptious as well

Other recommended recipes for mother’s day might come soon. Keep an eye out.

As for tomorrow, when all of my mother’s day meals are cooked, I will post the pictures.



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