Beer-braised Bunny + Pesto Pizza

Not ideally a dish for college students…but still good, good, good.

Finger, Fork & Knife

I don’t usually cook with rabbit and I’m not quite sure why. It’s cheap, sustainable, lean, and very nutritious – not to mention delicious when cooked with care. My Beer-braised Bunny + Pesto Pizza is a great way to introduce more rabbit into you weekly dinner menu. One bunny will yield more than enough meat for two large pizzas and maybe even some left-over to toss through tomorrow’s salad or piled onto of a slice of rye bread, topped with cheddar and grilled to make the most incredible grilled cheese you’ve ever had.

Spinach and almond pesto is smothered onto a homemade pizza base and topped with the braised rabbit. Dolloped with a few splodges of cottage cheese and cooked in the oven until the crust is golden and crisp. Before serving, baby radishes are scattered on top along with some herbs and a perfect fried egg. So simple, so…

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