Scallops and What? Quick and Fun!!

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Anybody like seafood? I’m all about seafood. One of my favorite types of seafood, of course, is scallops. Now, scallops cook relatively quickly, so you want to work hard to prevent them from burning or from becoming all rubbery. So then, what did I use to do my scallops. It’s quite simple really. (see Below)

1) sea salt

2) black pepper

3) cayenne pepper (only a little bit)

4) a few spritzes of lemon juice

Need I say more? And the concept? Well, it’s really quite simple. Place a quarter to a half stick of butter in a frying pan over medium-high heat until it melts and gets slightly foamy and then toss those mothers in, making sure they get golden brown on each side. Lightly sprinkle sea salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper over the shellfish to get a nice flavor going, and then add a few spritzes of lemon juice. My mouth is watering just talking about this.

Meanwhile, the asparagus are being steamed over a pot of water and will later be added (once the scallops have been removed from the frying pan) to the pan to be done in the same buttery bliss.


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