New Mexico and Frito Pie

NEW MEXICO!! I’m here writing, and of course, I’m thinking of the trip to New Mexico that I took not too long ago. All I can say is that the art was amzing, but the experience was Meh.

I distinctively remember absolutely needing to try everything New Mexican and get the full feel of what it truly meant to live in Alberquerque. So, I tried fry bread. NEWSFLASH to anyone curious about that one, it’s just fried dough. I was dissapointed to find that out, especially after I had watched a video in college where the man kept going on about fry bread–fry bread and how good mexican fry bread was. Not that I dislike Fried Dough, but I thought fry bread was going to be just that: FRY BREAD. Maybe one day I can attempt fry bread. My stomach will thank me later.

Then there was the time I had the Green Chile Stew. I had to try it. I had to be adventurous. What the hell was I thinking? If my mother had not stopped me, I very likely would have thrown up all over the place. As a result, to this day, my stomach cannot handle spicy foods. Even the thought makes me quezzy.

Have you ever heard about Frito Pie? Whoever thought that would be a good idea? But it is and so, so is. It comes with sort of like a salad, then chile on top and topped with fritos and boy oh boy does it hit the spot.

Well, if you’re in college and you are feeling like a real quick meal, frito pie might well be the way to go. So pop those frito bags open and see the recipe below:

The recipe is give or take and rather flexible. My frito pie took only 16 minutes in the oven. I used canned turkey chili with beans to cut back on the cook time. My frito pie consists of chili, fritos and onnions and cheese (it’s rather basic) yummm…

See my awesome pictures below:

021 022 023 024 025


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