Once You go Gas, You’ll Never Go Back

Well, I searched and searched and searched, and I could not find the picture that goes along with this post, so I’ll have to make do.

When I lived in my first apartment back in 2009, my very first apartment came, complete with a gas stove. Now, I have never had a gas stove before. But let me just be frank, once you go gas, you don’t go back. Well, actually, you’ll never go back. I’m not sure what exactly it is about using a gas stove, but I certainly found that it worked wonders with all the food I spent my time cooking. Of course, that is besides the point.

The point here, is that one day, while both my roommates were gone for the weekend, something curious crossed my mind. Could I perhaps make s’mores by heating marshmallows over the gas? The ANSWER? HELL FUCKING YES!!

So, that afternoon, I bought Marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, and selected a stick from the backyard (if an apartment complex in the middle of downtown Boston can have a backyard.)

I turned that gas stove right on up, stuck the marshmallow on the stick and placed it above the blueish flames, and then POOF!! The marshmallow caught fire. Of course, part of me is finding this hilarious, and the other part is frantically waving the stick back and forth in a frightened attempt to avoid burning down my apartment complex before my roommates got back into the city.

Well, on the bright side of things, once I got past the initial phase of heating the marshmallows and learned to turn the marshmallows slowly in order to heat them evenly, I actually began to enjoy this new experience. I would have never been able to make s’mores with an electric stove. {And I promise, the very minute I find those pictures, if they are floating somewhere in the world wide web, I will instantly upload them here}

I will say, however, it looked something sort of like the image below:



Fun, huh?


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